Nada Howarth is an internationally recognized Master Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Light Body Graduate Teacher, a Reiki Master Teacher, Instructor, Mentor and Member of the Support Team for Christy Whitman and the Quantum Success Coaching Academy.  

Nada is also the Founder and CEO of Nada’s Essentials Life Coaching, Caregiver’s Oasis and Essential Connections.   She is a dynamic Personal Empowerment and Relationship Coach and Energy Healer.

Nada has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  She is also a Certified Cardiopulmonary Tech.

Nada is the well-known co-host for Live LOA Radio who brought inspiration and unique expansion of awareness to her audience.  

Nada is an in-demand meditation teacher and regularly gives workshops for individuals looking to find personal freedom, achieve and maintain better health and well-being.  

Nada is also the creator and host of Essential Connections (with Nada), a powerful meetup group for coaches and healers that provides a safe space to grow and expand together through authentic, heart-centered communication.


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What People Say

I’m so grateful I was connected to Nada Howarth for coaching. I was still having significant health challenges as well as well as recovering from the loss of my partner when I reached out to her for support. I felt a bit lost, was struggling, and realized I could really use support. Nada’s unconditional love and support provided a safe place for me to show up and do the work. The processes she took me through, as well as the energy work, were so helpful for my physical, emotional and spiritual healing journey. I’m so grateful for the time we worked together and would highly recommend her services.

Liz A.

Nada is absolutely the BEST! I connected with her about two years ago – sort of by chance – and it turned out to be a perfect coaching match. At the time, I was almost at my wit’s end trying to deal with a challenging relationship, and what I wanted and needed most was just for someone to support me. Nada was there for me the whole time, supporting and validating me, and helping me connect with my soul. She taught me a new way to relate to my loved ones on a soul level, and it has been invaluable. I’m not sure how I would have made it through my challenges without Nada. She is wise, patient, kind, and genuine. She has uplifted me and helped me empower myself so that I am now stronger than ever. When I’m having a wonky day, I know a surefire solution is to call up Nada! I cannot say enough about how wonderful she is, so let’s just say…I highly recommend her! Thank you, Nada! 

Robyn H.

Nada’s work led me to completely eliminate a chronic back problem. when we had a distance Reiki session together. I had tried everything ( massage, physio, Reiki with others, kinesiology, etc) and was on my way for surgery and then I had a session with Nada. She unblocked something in me and I am now 100% pain-free and healthy. Nada is compassionate, kind and so easy to work with. I highly recommend Nada. 

Vicki B.

Let’s Empower Your Life Together.

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